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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can not only assist you with pain management, it can also help to stimulate the relaxation response which in turn can help with stress and anxiety.

Swedish - A gentle form of massage that uses long strokes, kneading, deep circular movements, vibration and tapping to help relax and energize you.

Therapeutic - Swedish massage with deep tissue where needed

Deep Tissue - This massage technique uses slower, more forceful strokes to target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, commonly to help with muscle damage from injuries.

Craniosacral Therapy - Craniosacral therapy encourages the body’s natural healing mechanisms to improve the functioning of the central nervous system, dissipate the negative effects of stress, and enhance health and resistance to disease by using a light touch that assists the natural movement of fluid in the craniosacral system.

Organic Aromatherapy can also be added to any massage.

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