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Diane Kingsley RD LDN LMT is a Licensed and Registered Dietitian and Licensed Massage Therapist. She practices evidence-based Medical Nutrition Therapy and focuses on whole body healing. Diane has 25 years experience in the field of nutrition and holistic health. Diane graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC in 2006, receiving a certification as a holistic health counsellor. Feeling that she needed to deepen her education in the field of nutrition, she received a Bachelors of Nutrition in Dietetics in 2014 and became a Licensed and Registered Dietitian. To round out her education and to focus on a whole- body healing approach, Diane also became a licensed massage therapist and received her certification as a Life Mastery Coach through Life Mastery Institute. Diane is a nationally published author and lecturer and has also been featured on television.  She believes in a whole-body approach and assist clients not only with nutrition but also helps them look at sleep patterns, exercise, stress levels, habits, behaviors and cravings, and helps to educate and cultivate a balance in all aspects of their life. It is Diane's true passion to help others on their path to whole body health and wellbeing, to support them in their healing process so that in turn, they can live their best life!


Medical Nutrition Therapy

Weight Management

Healthy Lifestyle Programs


Nutrition in Addiction Recovery

Diane Kingsley RD LDN LMT

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Judy Riley Office Manager

Judy Riley has been in the corporate and non-for -profit worlds for over 35 years. Judy has been with Diane Kingsley RD LDN and Simple Health Options for over 4 years and handles all support aspects of the practice. Judy's attention to detail and Organizational skills are unparalleled, client confidentiality is paramount and she is held in high esteem by her peers. Judy is the glue that holds the practice together!
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