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"Optimal Health and well-being is not just about diet and nutrition, it is also just as important to nourish and feed your soul."         Diane Kingsley RD LDN/Owner

Meet the Dietitians

The dietitians at Simple Health Options are dedicated to providing an integrative healing approach to facilitate a balance of total health and well-being, providing a wealth of holistic options that will benefit and support the body, mind and spirit. Focusing on a whole body healing approach is pivotal for true, long-lasting health and well-being. 
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Recipes & Tips 


Enjoy my blog, filled with healthy tips, recipes and the latest up to date evidence based nutritional information. 

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The Mediterranean SLIM Down Plan

The Mediterranean SLIM Down Plan is a way of life that teaches you the tools to feed your life and lose the weight through nutrition, stress management and positive empowerment.

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