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7 Tips for a Healthy Halloween

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Halloween is fast approaching, and it's scarier than you think. What's terrifying about Halloween? Is it the annual Zombie walk through downtown, or gaining some pounds?

A healthy Halloween doesn't have to be scary. In this special Halloween edition newsletter, I am sharing some simple tips to help create a healthy Halloween for both you and your family!

1. Skip the prepackaged candies. Scare off those Halloween pounds by preparing healthy snacks without missing out on the Halloween fun! If you are planning to hold a Halloween party at home, treat your friends with fun homemade and healthy goodies. Prepare spooky, cute and healthy snacks for the kids who visit your home. One of our neighborhood favorite spooky treats is filling a plastic glove with fresh popped popcorn and using raisins and sunflower seeds for the fingernails! 📷 2. Eat something healthy before trick-or-treating. It's no trick that if you're belly is full, you tend to eat less. Serve your kids dinner before heading out the door. If they do not want to eat a full meal, try a mini meal such as yogurt with nuts and fresh fruit, or fruit and cheese so they don’t head out the door hungry.

3. Be a good role model to your kids. You can help kids enjoy Halloween without overindulging. Consume Halloween treats in moderation yourself. Remember, kids tend to imitate the behaviors or actions they see from other people. Keep your family's favorite fruits and veggies in sight and have them readily available to snack on.

4. Don’t buy candy until October 31st. Why? A bag full of your favorite candies lurking somewhere in your house can be very tempting. Buy candy at the last possible chance and give away leftovers to avoid temptation. So here’s the plan - buy only as much as you need.

5. Divert your attention away from the temptations. It may include reading a book, taking a walk and playing with your kids. Encourage your kids to make healthy Halloween treats together. Kids will surely love the time together experimenting with new recipes!

6. Be more physically active. Schedule time to sweat on Halloween. Prepare some active fun games before indulging in treats. These will encourage your kids to get up and move. Activities such as jump rope, hacky sack and bouncy ball are fun games they will enjoy. Find fun ways to keep yourself and your kids physically active for a healthy Halloween!

7. Arrange a party-stop with the neighbors. Coordinate with your neighbors to organize a party-stop. The kids will be kept entertained for hours and might stop from collecting more candies. I'm pretty sure that you will enjoy it as well.

Here are some non-candy alternatives to traditional Halloween treats:Glow sticksCostume jewelrySmall toysMarkersStickersTemporary tattoosBookmarksCrayonsPaint brushesPlastic spider ringsMind & Body Recovery Tips📷Participate in some type of exercise every day. This doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym or even do a structured workout routine, but regular movement is essential for a healthy mind and body. It helps reduce stress, improve your mood and keeps your heart and muscles strong.Nourish and fuel your body with nutrient dense foods. When it comes to food during recovery there are many factors that can play into what you are able to eat. Aim to consume nutrient-dense foods like beans, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and plant-based fats. These foods are important because they provide both energy and nutrients for a healthy mind and body. Practice deep breathing. Long deep breaths help reduce stress by improving overall blood flow to the cells in your body and allows your mind and body to calm down.Limit or avoid alcohol. While alcohol might temporarily reduce stress, in the long run it actually intensifies the stress you were already feeling. Alcohol abuse is a very common and serious issue when it comes to trauma. If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol abuse or addiction, seek out immediate support.Limit caffeine and other stimulates. During times of stress, it can be natural for some to turn to caffeine and other stimulates to give them an energy boost to “face the work”. However, it is important to recognize that stimulants, such as caffeine, can actually increase your stress and anxiety. Pay attention to how your body responds. If you notice caffeine enhances the feelings of stress and anxiety, reduce or eliminate your intake.Keep a stash of jokes on hand. Seriously, this might seem a little off the cuff but laughter and having a sense of humor is good for your health and well-being.

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